PocketFox is a simple to use program, that allows the client-server developer to connect, simultaneously, to many diferent datasources (SQL Server, Sybase ADS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, FireBird, SQLite, InterBase, MariaDB, Informix, MS Access and Visual FoxPro) and perform various tasks, such as list available tables in the databases it is connected to, show table fields attributes, indexes, check tables’s number of rows, browse it, execute all SQL commands supported by the backend (in a SQL command window), browse SQL Select result sets, copy its contents to a number of different file types, save/load SQL commands, create and run scripts written in PSL and more.

This enables you, among many other things, to previously test SQL statements that latter you will use in your app, extract data from database tables and so on, because it will accept the SQL commands of the SQL engine you are connected to. If you want to know more about PocketFox just click here.

Also check PocketFox Change Log to see what changed in each version.


The idea of FireFly came out when I was chatting with a friend who works for private companies, as a consultant in the strategic planning area. He told me about which tools he frequently uses to develop his work. Some of these tools are very sofisticated Excel spreadsheets, containing lots of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code.

As he explained to me, the structure and operation of those speadsheets, I found that one of the bottlenecks, in some of the processes, was data aquisition, because very frequently his users have to produce printed reports, using data extracted from databases, and manually insert the information contained in those reports into the spreadsheets. That’s not really a good practice because, despite having to enter data twice (in the database app and into the Excel spreadsheet), it could lead to typing errors and thus generating wrong information. If you want to know more about Firefly just click here.

Also check FireFly Change Log to see what changed in each version.

PocketFox 7.1.5463

FireFly 2.1.3683

Visual FoxPro© 9 SP2 Run Time

Craig Boyd’s VFPConnection FLL Note: Only needed if you will use PocketFox/FireFly FTP funcionalities.

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